jonathan and i

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Have you ever:
1) Kissed a sibling: no siblings to kiss
2) Run away: not for long enough to matter
3) Pictured your crush naked: not completely naked
4) Skipped Class: one of these days i'll team up with allie and we'll skip class and waste our time somewhere
5) Broken Someone's heart: people claim i have, but i'm not much of a heartbreaker
6) Been in Love: yes
7) Cried When Someone Died: yes
8) Wanted Someone: yes
9) Broken a Bone: only fingers and toes
10) Done something Embarrassing: all the time, but i've really stopped being embarrassed by the things i do
11) Done a Drug: nope
12) Cried in School: i live at school

Which is Better:
13) Coke or pepsi: i drink water and coffee
14) Sprite or 7 up: ^^^
15) Girls or Guys: certain guys and certain girls
16) Flowers or Candy: tulips, in the spring, for no reason at all
17) Scruff or Clean Shaven: i lust for clean shaven men on yachts
18) Blondes or Brunettes: it never matters
19) Bitchy or Slutty: slutty is better, at least you're not a mean person then
20) Tall or Short: tall
21) Pants or Shorts: skirts
22) Night or Day: because the night, belongs to lovers

With the Opposite Sex:
23) What do you notice first: smile
24) Last Person you Slow danced with: wow...ummmm...adam at his brother's bar mitzvah?

The Last Time You
26) Showered: about 15 minutes ago
27) Stepped outside: last night, 10:45 pm
28) Had sex: my past life

29) Color: pink, teal (but only as in the color of the water surrounding tropical isles)
30) Movie: the ultimate? legally blonde...closely followed by the way we were
31) Artist: waaaaay too many...but i guess billy joel, bruce springsteen and tom petty are up there
32) Cars: boats
33) Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip
34) Breakfast Food: eggs, hard boiled
35) number: 3

36) Makes you laugh the most: the most? mrs. proctor, probably...because she's ridiculous
37) Makes you smile: jonathan, aura, antonia, ryan, daniel, a million more
38) Can make you feel better: jonathan, most of the time, antonia, aura, mrs. beaton, mrs. proctor, mrs. huggins
39) Has a Crush on you: a crush? oh please, are we sill in grade school?
40) Do you have a crush on someone: again with the crushes
41) Has it easier? well...let's see now...birth, periods, mood swings, menopause, sexism, abortion rights, the list goes on...gee, i think women have it real easy
42) Gives you a funny feeling: mr. boger, but not in a good way

Do YOU ever.
43) Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: that's what cell phones are for
44) Save AIM conversation: often, but not always
45) Save E-mails: i hardly ever delete...
46) Forward secret E-mails: secret emails?
47) Wish you were someone else: hardly ever, though i do wish to be reincarnated as various things...
48) Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: never
49) Wear Perfume: sometimes...venezia
50) Kiss: yes
51) Spoon: probably my favorite way to cuddle
52) Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: never
53) Fallen for your best friend: yes
54) Made out with JUST a friend: yes
55) Kissed two people in the same day: yes
56) Been rejected: Rejected? no
57) Been in love: yes
58) Used someone: no
59) Been used: i hope not
60) Cheated on someone: no
61) Been cheated on: no
62) Been kissed: yes
63) Done something you regret: i try to live without regrets but, let's face it, we all have them

Who was the Last Person
64) You touched: terry
65) You talked to: heather parker
66) You hugged: my grandpa
67) You instant messaged: mrs huggins
68) You kissed: jonathan
70) You thought about: before doing this survey: heather parker
71) Who text message you: jonathan
72) Who broke your heart: ugh...
73) Who told you they loved you: i don't one for a while
74) You beat up? I don't do violence
75) You had a crush on? CRUSHES A-FUCKING-GAIN?!?

Do you
76) Color your hair: no
77) Have tattoos: no
78) Have piercings: 1 in each ear
79) Own thongs: only thongs

Name: Diana Nichole Rastegayeva
Favorite Animal: i'm not a big fan of animals..but i guess that penguins win
Current Favorite Song: the stranger, billy joel or rosalita, bruce springsteen
Age: 16
Sport: squash or soccer
Status: taken
Quote: either miss rumphius (like the whole book) or "when you come to the edge of all the light you know, one of two things will happen: you will find something firm to stand on, or you will learn how to fly"
How many Siblings do you have: none
Who are two people you can trust: antonia and jonathan
Have you ever done drugs: no
Where are the places you've traveled to: ugh...various states, i was born in the ukraine, canada (many various places), almost every carribean island, london, mexico (various places)...and i think that's it...oh, and other various islands
What do want your future occupation to be: ideally, i want to save the world...but i want it to involve travelling the world and meeting people, learining about their lives
Favorite place to visit: london, quebec, rockport
How long was your longest relationship: my longest relationship IS 1 year and...a bit over 2 months so far
Snow or Beach: beach
Kiss or hug: kisses become a bridge unto other things eventually, but hugs are always hugs...the warmest piece of oneself to give another
Do you get good grades: they're fine
Do you want to be married one day: if i ever get lucky enough to find someone to love me that much, then yes...otherwise, i guess i'll just love the world with everything i have
Have you ever loved someone not in your family: yes
Do you like being single or taken: being taken is best
Long or short hair: i'm growing mine out...
What color: pink, please
Favorite cookie: chocolate chip
Favorite candy: nerds or chocolate
Do you like video games: ewwww
Do you have weird dreams: i rarely remember mine
Do you get along better with guys or girls: guys, actually
Would you rather go camping or to N.Y.C: that's a long answer and i'm late for snowtubing...
How many people on your buddy list: 113